Breaking News

Frederich has been caught…

After a several week long sabbatical, he made a reappearance in our kitchen today. His food choices included bread (sliced) and coconut pound cake (he had to chew through aluminum foil to get to that one – which by the way he chose over Oreos. [He really likes coconut]).

Now, several hours later…

He is pitifully squeaking out his swan song in the kitchen. The irony is that among the 8 or so traps laid out {plus poison}, he finally got caught by the first trap we ever placed two months ago. That trap had a carefully placed tortilla chip (we knew he liked chips) plus an accidentally dropped wrapped Starburst. Now, he is stretched out between the two, stuck. I kind of got attached to the little guy. We have similar tastes (except where Oreos are concerned). RIP Frederich.

…Unfortunately, trash doesn’t get picked up until Tuesday!


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