Let me introduce you to my friend, Frederich. Frederich is a mouse and lives in my apartment with me. He loves to eat my food. Some of his favorites are: chocolate, lime-flavored tortilla chips, and nuts. After I mouse-proofed my kitchen food, he discovered some African peanuts in my bedroom. He chewed a neat little hole in my backpack and enjoyed my nuts. Senegalese people don’t eat the peanut skins, neither does Frederich. My roommates and I have put out mousetraps without success. The number of mousetraps set up in our apartment has steadily grown in the past few weeks. I believe we have 8 out right now, but I’m beginning to lose count. One day, we decided to do a scientific experiment – we put different foods in different traps (chocolate, cheese, etc.) and one trap we left empty as our control. I’d love to let you know which one worked, but so far, we’ve had 0% success.


6 thoughts on “Frederich

  1. Years ago I had to set traps for these nasty little creatures…although I would prefer to address them as enemies rather than BTW, peanut butter worked well for me.

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