White Trash

White Trash

Above: Some poor folks on our street who didn’t know about The Trash Rules [ahem], poor folks.

We have no garbage can or apartment dumpster. Baffled, we asked our apartment’s management office what we were supposed to do. Their helpful advice was to watch the neighbors and see what they did. One night, we noticed many trash bags on the sidewalk, so we pulled out our trash bags and put them out with everyone else’s. Then we realized that many of our neighbors had black trash bags. Ours were white. Well, I reasoned, many of our neighbors are Black and we’re White, so it must be okay, right…? Wrong. The next morning, everyone’s trash was taken, but our White Trash was rejected.

The system here is complicated!! Recycling is mandatory (fees are given if recyclable items are found in your trash), and it also requires special-colored bags (not black).


2 thoughts on “White Trash

  1. Poor white trash! Hope you are working through all these issues. At least they speak your language there–officially anyway! Thanks for the updates.


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