Driving in NYC

Driving in NYC

My first half-hour in New York City was driving through Harlem in a moving truck. It was my first time driving in NYC and my second day driving a truck! As soon as I entered the city, my gps tried to take me down a no-truck road. So there I was, in the middle of Harlem, no gps, no map, in a truck, with people honking at me.
I made a few turns, found my bearings, and headed confidently down the road… until the middle of the first block. In New York City, people just stop/semi-park their cars in the middle of the road turning a two-lane road into a one-lane, 2-way road (due to the lack of parking spaces)! I was flabbergasted the first 10 minutes as I came across parked cars on just about every block (and once 2 cars in one block!). After a while though, I realized that drivers get to make up their own rules. The right of way belongs to the pushiest and biggest vehicle, and in my big vehicle, I began to have fun driving through the city making up the rules as I went. 🙂 Driving in NYC is fun!


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